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J. Robert Scott, Inc. the luxury home furnishings manufacturer was founded in 1972 in Los Angeles by Hall of Fame designer Sally Sirkin Lewis.  The company was born out of Ms. Lewis' desire to provide her clients with contemporary, well made furnishings that met her uncompromising standards of quality and beauty.  Her understated, signature style has become known as "California Design." To this day, she serves as the President of the company, which has established itself as an influential design force around the world, with company owned showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, and London, and representation in 21 cities in 14 countries.

Ms. Lewis is recognized in the interior design industry for her achievements in furniture and textile design.  Throughout her career she has remained true to her aesthetic philosophy of clean, elegant, contemporary design with uncompromising attention to quality.  With influences from the world of couture fashion, J. Robert Scott textiles are worthy of prêt-a-porter.  This translates well in the field of home furnishings where upholstery techniques can echo the intricate lines of a one-of-a-kind garment.

Throughout her career, Ms. Lewis has been awarded more than 150 U.S. Design Patents for her furnishings which are manufactured by hand in the 76,000+ square foot factory in Inglewood, California.  Through her guidance and direction, J. Robert Scott has gained recognition as an exceptional resource for custom design furniture.  It is rare to find a company that can modify any of their existing items, or create an entirely new piece, tailored to the specific needs of their clientele.  If it can be drawn, it can be made. It is not unusual to see skilled craftsmen, many of whom have been with Ms. Lewis for more than 20 years, hand sewing the edges of a sofa or patiently applying gold leafing to a console with a squirrel hair brush.  The techniques used are the traditional construction methods that date back to the Renaissance, these talented craftsmen are truly modern day artisans.

J. Robert Scott is well known in the interior design industry for utilizing rare and exotic veneers, as well as shagreen, snake and goatskin parchment in the manufacturing of its products.  The textile division offers a distinctive range of hand-woven silks, silk mohair, wools, velvets and JRS Superkidskin™ among nearly 700 couture-quality luxury fabrics, in the most appealing and contemporary colorways.

The company believes that an unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship is what sets us apart. As Ms. Lewis says, the detailed fabrication and mirror-like finishes are "unforgiving"...each piece must be flawless.  While products are made in the factory, J. Robert Scott service is exemplified in every showroom, everyday.  It's the people who sell J. Robert Scott products who share the high design aesthetic with interior designers worldwide day after day, year after year. Our salespeople establish long-standing relationships with interior designers around the world.  These friendships are a source of pride and mutual loyalty.  In fact, with the company's custom capability and broad product range, there are pieces for every room and to suit every need, including residential, corporate, hospitality, yacht and aircraft interiors.

Furniture and textiles designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis for J. Robert Scott meets and exceeds expectation with sophisticated designs manufactured for lasting appeal and comfort.  They are instantly recognized for their beauty and valued for their quality, this is the essence of the company's commitment to producing "Furniture as an Art Form."

We believe that how something is made is as important as why.  From the conception of a simple drawing, J. Robert Scott can transform the idea into a finished piece, customized in every detail.  The ability to modify an existing item, or create an entirely new piece offers the interior design professional the opportunity to cater to their client's most unusual desire. Custom furniture that is truly tailored to the individual is the essence of "home couture."

It is not uncommon for our engineering division to search for a special clasp or hinge.  In the same way a jeweler would create a one-of-a-kind necklace or ring, furniture hand-built to your specifications by our talented craftsmen, become treasured heirlooms that carry with them a page of shared history.  These traditional tenants of quality construction and superior material make J. Robert Scott furniture a reward and a pleasure.  The styles transcend temporary fashion with the certainty that good design has enduring appeal.

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About JRS Textiles

Of all of the elements of interior design, fabric provides the greatest opportunity for self expression, fulfilling an aesthetic need and reflecting a lifestyle.  J. Robert Scott textiles are synonymous with restrained elegance and extraordinary quality.  Each individual fabric with a character and texture of its own is presented in the largest and most desirable colorways.  For almost 30 years we have nurtured our relationships with our more than 72 mills in 18 countries worldwide, to develop more than 900 signature textiles which are a hallmark of our brand.

Contemporary interiors, with a sense of serene sophistication and stylistic harmony rely on textiles in upholstery, window treatments and wall coverings to visually underline the decorative composition.  Sensuous lines and textures, in combination with contrasting surfaces, such as taupe velvet and black lacquer, create a dialogue of light and shade, shiny and matte, with an almost abstract, sculptural effect.  J. Robert Scott's hand-woven silks, lustrous silk mohair, leathers, suiting wool and our exclusive JRS Superkidskin™, are suitable for use in residential, hospitality, yacht and aircraft interiors.

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Specially selected pieces are available for motion picture and television rental.  We can offer J. Robert Scott furniture for exclusive events, executive retreats, and real estate staging.

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