La Crème Collection

La Crème Textiles Designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis

The La Crème Collection, designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis, is a delicious selection of 26 luxury textiles inspired by creamy pastries, and decadent butter cream frosting. The collection debuts an exquisite textile, called Scheherazade. This jacquard fabric incorporates a silky brocade weave that creates added dimension to the surface design. The same silky thread is presented as an all over pattern in the companion fabric, Araby.

The smooth color palette presented in the La Crème Collection, Combined with the understated patterns, align beautifully with the J. Robert Scott aesthetic and commitment to exceptional quality.

From Left to Right

#4691 Bayadere Satin - Crème 
66% Viscose, 35% Cotton

#4674 Falling Leaves Ombrè - Crème
100% Silk

From the Top, Clockwise

#4661 Directoire Velvet - Crème
16.8% Cotton, 83.2% Viscose

#4678 Araby - Crème
60 % Coton, 30% Polyester, 10% Polyamide

#4676 Scheherazade - Crème
60 % Coton, 30% Polyester, 10% Polyamide

From Left to Right

#4669 Camellia - Crème
100 Silk Pile, 100% Cotton Ground

#4655 Ribbon Basket - Crème
100% Rayon